1940's - 1950's

From the Sino-Japanese War to 1950, many big traders, politicians and eminent persons who used to live in major cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing etc. emigrated to Hong Kong.  At the same time, skilful tailors, especially those from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, also moved to Hong Kong in large numbers to make a living.  From early 1940's to late 1950's, cheungsams became the most popular clothing for women in Hong Kong while those from the lower class still wore bodices and pants.  Generally speaking, those who dressed in western garments were not as many as those who wore Chinese suits.  As for men's wear, after the end of the war, Chinese clothes lost their popularity.  As for causal wear, shirts and trousers took the place of Chinese style coats and pants, while for formal dressing, robes and mandarin jackets were replaced by suits.

Students of 1950s learning fashion design at the Collage of Education.


A suit of the 1950s large front, wide lapel.