In the 1970's, denim from America took the world by storm.  Hong Kong people went beyond conservative ways of dressing and therefore suits and ties were no longer the must-have items.  Tailor shops were gradually replaced by clothing companies, boutiques and department stores.  Other than jeans, low-waisted bell-bottoms were very popular at that time. 



In the early 1980's, Hong Kong stood fifth among countries with earnings at the mid-level, which foretold that the living standard would be improved and reached the level of affluence in the next few years.  Then, in the mid 1980's, there was the emergence of a "yuppie" class.  This group of young urban professionals enjoyed high salaries and treasured the quality of life.  They went after famous brand names and good quality fashion, abruptly turning Hong Kong into one of the world's top fashion centres.  Bell-bottoms became history and slims, loose bottoms, three quarters, straights and trouser-skirts appeared on the stage.

Denim jeans, a hit item of the late 1970s.


A medieval style coat of the 1980s..

Clothes of the 1980s.