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2000 Machinery and Equipment Design

2000 Winners

DPR120E Dimming Systemby Macostar Hong Kong Ltd


The system is designed for professional lighting control in theater and TV studio. The hot standby capability and redundant control electronics achieve seamless control changeover automatically and guaranteed non-interrupt service during a live performance, and the on-line computer monitoring and reporting which provide systematic troubleshooting and diagnostics. The innovative air intake and intelligent forced-air cooling design provides effective ventilation to the system. The system is widely used in China with major installations like the People Hall and the China Central TV.

Smartsignby Majorlink Communications Ltd


The product integrates the LED display with Internet and wireless communication. The key innovation lies in the wireless programming capability using GSM network which allows for remote updating of display messages and scheduling to be done cost-effectively. Other innovating features include the message update through WAP and the patented end-and-Trigger method for sending and displaying a message is well suited for displaying real-time information.

In-Mould Labelling Machine by AKEI Plastic-Machine Mfy Ltd


The In-mould labelling Blow Moulding (IML) is an innovative method to substitute the conventional sticker label and direct printing on plastic bottles. It combines the blow moulding operation and the labelling in one process to enhance operational efficiency.

Dophen 5 Axes CNC Milling Machineby Dophen Engineering Co Ltd


The machine performs up to 5-axes simultaneous milling of complicated moulds, turbine blades and other high precision components. This local designed product achieves a competitive price range.