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2002 Hong Kong Award for Industry: Machinery and Equipment Design

2002 Winners

Product name: KH6800 Automatic Final Frequency Adjustment System (Pallet Type)
Company name: Kolinker Industrial Equipments Ltd

Comments from the Judging Panel
This is a system for the final frequency adjustment in the production of quartz crystals. Innovative features include a "Direct Impedance Measurement Method" which was proposed by the company and now accepted as the de-facto standard in crystal measurement to measure the frequency specification tolerance of crystal accurately. Moreover, to further improve measurement speed, a new iterative search algorithm which is developed by the company to intelligently sample data in the measurement phase during different stages of the plating cycles. The non-linear vacuum deposition process stemmed from the thermal capacity of the metal filament and its electrical resistance together with the resulting control loop is able to accommodate a much larger dynamic range of filament types and much larger load variation. It also features reliable mechanical and electrical feed-throughs into the chambers for material handling during the manufacturing cycles. As a result the product is at a very competitive price while it out-performs similar models from Japan and USA.