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CMA Certificate of Merit in Machinery and Equipment Design

2001 Winners

Modular PCB CNC Drilling / Routing Machine (MDR2002)
by Timax Electronics & Machinery Ltd
Designed by: Tai Chung Heep and R&D Section

Comments from the Judging Panel
The model incorporates a twin spindle which can be programmed to operate independently or jointly for enhanced efficiency drilling. A new servo-link is also developed to handle the communication and control functions between the modules and the main computer system.

GN28-SUPER Atmospheric Dyeing Machine
by Fong's National Engineering Co Ltd
Designed by: Fong's National Engineering Co Ltd

Comments from the Judging Panel
The machine incorporates the new Multi-function Intelligent Rinsing (MIR) system which include pre-warming of fresh water at regulated temperature, and careful control of low water level and quantity during the process. The model delivers significant saving in time, water and power consumption, and overall product cost than previous machines.

Rotary Hand Sharping Machine
by Biu Chun Watch Hands & Parts Manufacturers Ltd
Designed by: Biu Chun Watch Hands & Parts Manufacturers Ltd

Comments from the Judging Panel
The machine uses milling method with rotary diamond cutting tool which overcomes the problem of lines appeared on the hand's surface that affects the quality of the product. The machine can produce high-end diamond cut watch hands at consistent quality in a timely manner and is much less reject and wastage.

Universal Turning System for Multi-components Moulding Machine
Designed by: Lam Ming Mui, Lo Chi Hung, Yim Yin Kau, Hung Man Cheung

Comments from the Judging Panel
It is a new design incorporating both turntable and turncore mechanism which involves integration of hydraulic, electronic and mechanical technology. This unique mechanism also enables product/mould designer more added flexibility in designing and manufacturing of moulded parts.

Advanced Metal Wastewater Treatment and Recovery System - The HKPC-IX Series *
by Hong Kong Productivity Council
Designed by: Anthony Ma

Comments from the Judging Panel
The system uses special ion exchange resin as a means of treating heavy metals from the wastewater. It is environmentally friendly as it consumes much less chemicals and can eliminate the generation of toxic sludge.
* Prof P S Chung, Mr Thomas Tang and Mr Frank Leung did not participate in judging of this product