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 Expo Review

  2008 Exhibition (The 43rd Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo)
The 43rd Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo
Celebrating its 70th Anniversary

Organized by the CMA, the 43rd Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE) was held between 13 December 2008 and 4 January 2009 at Victoria Park, showcasing a wide spectrum of traditional and newly emerged brands in 750 booths. The 43rd HKBPE aimed at increasing the standards and awareness of the local industrial products, and further promoting Hong Kong's industrial development. The 23-day Expo this year achieved a huge success with a record attendance of 2.06 million visitors, the highest record in 70 years.

The Expo received enthusiastic support from the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Trade and Industry Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Brand Development Council, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, The Municipal Government of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and Industrial Association of Macau. The Association expressed sincere gratitude to German Pool (H.K.) Ltd., Lee Kum Kee (H.K.) Ltd., DR Esthetic Product Research & Production Ctr. and Safewell Equipment Ltd. Being the Gold sponsors; Tung Chun Soy Sauce and Canned Food Co. Ltd. for being the Silver sponsor; and Royal Medic (Holdings) Ltd. and Nam Pei Hong Sum Yung Drugs Co. Ltd. for being the Bronze sponsors of the Expo.

Grand Opening Ceremony
On 13 December 2008, the opening ceremony of the 43rd HKBPE started off with a welcoming address by CMA President Mr Paul yin, followed by a special kick-off ceremony officiated by The Hon Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of HKSAR; Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in HKSAR Mr Wong Lan Fa; Commissioner of the Chinese Commissioner's Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in HKSAR Mr Lu Xinhua; Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Mrs Rita Lau; Assistant Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in HKSAR Mr Wang Rudeng; Secretary General of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in HKSAR Mr Zhao Guangting; Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Ms Yvonne Choi; Director-General of Trade and Industry Mr Joseph Lai; Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Dr Jonathan Choi; Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries Mr Clement Chen; CMA Vice-President-cum-Chairman of CMA Exhibition Services Ltd Mr Irons Sze; CMA Permanent Honorary Chairmen and Vice-Presidents, etc. Other 200 distinguished guests attending the ceremony included senior government officials, members of the consular cops and leaser of the business sector.

A Constellation of Brands
The theme of the 43rd HKBPE was "Riding on Past Success, Striving for Future Excellence". There were 750 booths in the Expo, located in "Hong Kong Brands Square", "Food & Beverages Zone", "Organic & Green Food Zone", "Grocery & Noodles Zone", "Ginseng, Dried Seafood & Soup Packs Zone", "Beauty & Healthcare Zone", "Fashion & Stylish Products Zone", "Living & Household Zone", "Children's Corner" and "Food Plaza".

"Hong Kong Brands Square" was one of the focal points of the Expo. As suggested by its name, the pavilion showcased famous local brands in 200 booths, which included German Pool, Goodway, Lee Kum Kee, Safeway, Tung Chun, Hop Hing, Lam Soon, Sun Shun Fuk, Apollo, Garden, Royal Medic, Doll, Amoy, Tung Fong Hung, Wai Yuen Tong, Kampery, Wing Wah, Tsit Wing, Tien Chu, Sinomax, Herbs Generation, Imperial Bird's Nest, Four Seas, Airland, Nam Pei Hang, Home of Swallows, Long Far etc.

Highlighting the fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines, "Food Plaza" was established again with overwhelming response received. The Plaza showcased a wide variety of delicacies offered by Super Star, Farm House, King Bakery, Baby Satay, Chan Kee Foods, Chinesegogo及Koonthai Hai Nam Chicken, etc.

Visitors were fascinated by a kaleidoscope of quality products at bargain prices at the venue, including famous local and overseas brands like Sze Hing Loong, Edo, Two Girls, Brands, DR Esthetic Product Research & Production Ctr., Ekowada, Beverly Hills Polo Club,Zwilling .A.Henckels, Toshiba, Profilio, Rasonic, Japan-Sanyo, Buffalo及Suzuran, etc.

Hong Kong Products Pavilion
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo, a "Hong Kong Products Pavilion" is set up for showcasing a variety of Hong Kong products in the past, at present and in the future as well as the history of HKBPE in comics. Visitors could get a better understanding of Hong Kong's industrial development as well as the history of the HKBPE.

Spectacular Programmes
Countdown Programmes
During the 23-day Expo, visitors not only could enjoy shopping of famous brands and products, but also a wide variety of entertainment programmes. The CMA has lined up with Radio Television Hong Kong and Commercial Radio Hong Kong to stage a series of concerts and variety shows at the Expo on themes like branding and healthy life. Moreover, this year's countdown programme, '18 Districts New Year's Eve Countdown Show', is organized by "Community Affairs Sub-Committee' of CMA Political Affairs Standing Committee, and is produced by the Commercial Radio. It aims to express the harmony and unity of all the18 districts in the territory. The 4-hour variety show was kicked off by a ceremony officiated by Assistant Director of Home Affairs Department Miss Victoria Tang, District Council representatives, CMA President Mr Paul Yin, LegCo Representative Dr Lam Tai Fai, CMA Exhibition Services Limited Chairman Mr Irons Sze and others. 17 performance groups, composed of contest winners, minority groups and social welfare organizations, staged remarkable performance in the first sessions, while the second session, which was live in radio broadcast, features '18/F Block C' drama, performance by singers and artists, games and, of course, the countdown to the new year by all the guests, performers and audience on the floor, bringing the ambience to its utmost.

Miss Exhibition Pageant
Miss Exhibition Pageant aims at selecting goodwill ambassadors to promote Hong Kong industry by participating in publicity events of the CMA. The 10 contestants of Miss Exhibition Pageant including Ms Florence Ngan of DR Esthetic Product Research & Production Ctr, Ms Fion Chan of Beauty Connection Ltd, Ms Candice Cheung of New Age Health Food Co Ltd, Ms Ada Po of Fruitful Yield Co Ltd, Ms Leona Chen of Imperial Bird's Nest Intl Co Ltd, Ms Janet Yeung of ASTC Sports & Recreation Club Ltd, Ms Helen Tang of Goodway Electerical Enterprise Ltd, Ms Emily Tong of Safewell Equipment Ltd, Ms Fanny Huang of New Cynosure Co Ltd, and Ms Connie Lin of Pro Logic Intl Ltd made their debut at the media conference held on 3 December 2008. The media voted Ms Helen Tang "The Media's Most Favoured Miss Exhibition" on the spot.

The 10 contestants vied for several awards during the 23-day Expo. At last, the championship went to Ms Helen Tang, who also won "The Best Talented Award", "The Best Presentation Award" and "The Most Popular Miss Exhibition On-line Award". She was crowned by CMA President Mr Paul Yin. The first runner-up and the second runner-up were Ms Connie Lin and Janet Yeung respectively, who were crowned by CMA Vice-President cum Chairman of CMA Exhibition Services Ltd Mr Irons Sze.

The judging panel was comprised of professionals including Shatin District Council Member cum Managing Director of Realchamp Assest Management Ltd Ms Scarlett Pong, Director of MSc Program in Marketing of Chinese University of Hong Kong Prof Leo Sin, Director of GP Group Mr Daniel Tong, Vice-President (Marketing & Public Relations) of AICI (Hong Kong Chapter) Ms Carolyn Chan, Chief Designer of Own Image Ms Greenie Chau, CMA Vice-President cum Exhibition Services Ltd Chairman Mr Irons Sze, CMA Executive Committee Member Ms Shirley Chan and Mr Edward Tsui.

The competition received tremendous support from the sponsors. CCIF CPA Ltd was appointed official honourable auditors. To enhance the contestants' performance, the CMA invited Touch Up Int'l Academy as official trainer and Ms Maggie Wong as image consultant. The winners were awarded valuable prizes by sponsors including Goodway Electrical Enterprise Ltd, Long Far Herbal Medicine Mfg (HK) Ltd, Modern Beauty Salon (HK) Ltd, Wealthy Group Int'l Ltd–SwissPro, Bai Ling Pharmaceutical Ltd, Catalo Natural Health Foods Ltd, Isaworkshop (HK) Ltd, German Pool (HK) Ltd, djs jewellery, DR Esthetic Product Research & Production Ctr, Lee Kum Kee (HK) Ltd, Nam Pei Hong Sum Yung Drugs Co Ltd, Royal Medic (Holdings) Ltd, Safewell Equipment Ltd, Tung Chun Soy Sauce & Canned Food Co Ltd, Nu Pharm Ltd, Beauty & Health Magic Water Purify Ltd, Rich Rainbow Development Ltd, Way On Tienchi Co Ltd, Imperial Bird's Nest Int'l Co Ltd, Own Image, GP Harmonie Ltd and Touch Up Int'l Academy.

Children Ambassadors Competition
To increase the younger generation's awareness of the Expo, the Association launched the "HKBPE Children's Ambassadors Competition" in HKBPE this year. The competition was divided into two sections: Junior Section and Senior Section.

The judging panel was consisted of famous radio programme host Ms Candy Chea, Artiste Jacky Wong, ISIS Model Management Ltd Executive Manager Ms Shannon Kwan, Director of Play n Learn Academy Limited Ms Poon Hung, Senior teacher Ms Ching Shun, Vocal teacher Ms Pao Wai Fan and Ms Wan Fung Ling and CMA General Committee Member Ms Stella Lee.

Other sponsors included Play n Learn Speech & Art Academy Limited, SKC Group Limited, Babyboom Learning Co Ltd, Mekim Limited and Founder Globaltech Limited.

Booth Design Competition
Booth Design Competition is one of the traditional activities of the Expo, which aims at commending the exhibitors for outstanding booth design. Exhibitors this year showed great enthusiasm and effort in their booth decoration. The championship eventually went to Lee Kum Kee Company Limited. The first runner-up and the second runner-up were German Pool (HK) Ltd and Goodway Electrical Enterprise Ltd respectively.

Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Product Promotion Department Mr Ralph Chow, Director of Business Consulting of Hong Kong Productivity Council Mr Edmond Sung, Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Committee Member Mr Thomas Cheung, Director-General of Federation of Hong Kong Industries Mr Dennis Yau and Deputy Executive Director of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association Mr Wang Jianguo were invited to be the judges of the competition.

Children's Drawing Competition
To enhance children's understanding of HKBPE, the Children's Drawing Competition was organized with Ming Pao as co-organizer. Children under the age of 12 were eligible to join the competition with the theme "future HKBPE". The competition received enthusiastic responses from the public with up to 600 high standard entries. The competition was divided into two sections: Junior Section and Senior Section. Ms Wong Lok Chun, Ms Chan Sze Hang and Ms Fong Ching Lam were the champion, the first runner-up and the second runner-up of the Junior Section respectively; while Mr Chan Sin Hang, Mr Cheung Chun Wah and Ms Leung Sze Kiu were the champion, the first runner-up and the second runner-up of the Senior Section respectively. Each section offered 3 top prizes and 5 merit prizes. The champion and the runners-up of both categories were each awarded a trophy, a cash prize of HK$1,000, HK$500 and HK$300 and a 3-month art course. Merit prize winners were each awarded a certificate and a 1-month art course.

The judging panel for the competition comprised of CMA General Committee Member Mr Lee Hung Tong, Creative Head of Ming Pao Newspapers Limited Ms Amy Lam, Deputy Chief Editor of Sun Ya Publications (HK) Ltd Ms Ho Siu Shu, Deputy Head of Creative of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Ms Dyun Chin, Art Director of Emphasis Custom Media Ms Teresita Khaw and Founder of Candyfoon Infinity Co Ms Candy Tam. Gifts were sponsored by Luk Ka Int'l Ltd, Artive Kids,Shing Cheong Paper Merchants Ltd and Sun Ya Publication (HK) Ltd.

Photo Contest
The Association organized the Photo Contest of the 43rd HKBPE with the theme "Paving the way, Building a Better Future". Through capturing the wonderful moments of HKBPE, the contest aims at increasing people's awareness of Hong Kong brands and Hong Kong's future development, and strengthening their sense of belonging. The contest was co-organized by Ta Kung Pao, Photo Magazine, the Photographic Society of Hong Kong and the Chinese Photographic Society of Hong Kong and was sponsored by the Better Hong Kong Foundation. The response to the Contest was overwhelming with over 400 entries. The championship went to Mr Cheung Ka Yuen, the fist runner-up and the second runner-up were Mr Chan Hoi and Mr Leung Hung Cheung respectively.

The contest offered 3 top prizes and 5 merit prizes. The champion, the first runner-up and the second runner-up were each awarded a trophy, a cash prize of HK$5,000, HK$4,000 and HK$3,000 respectively. Each merit prize winner was awarded a certificate and a cash prize of HK$1,000. The judging panel was formed by CMA General Committee Member Mr Fung Yuen Hon, Photography Consultant of Ta Kung Pao Mr Lau Pui Hang, Executive Chief Editor of Photo Magazine Mr Raymond Wu, Chairman of the Photographic Society of Hong Kong Mr Chu Chai Kuen, Chairman of the Chinese Photographic Association of Hong Kong Mr Ng Lin Shing, Chief Executive of the Better Hong Kong Foundation Ms Karen Tang, and renowned photographer Dr Lawrence Chan and Mr Lun Lam Kwan.