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 Expo Review

  The Magnificent Hong Kong Products Expo Firstly Held After the Handover
7. Lucky Draw

In addition, CMA also organized a series of lucky draws. Prizes included a mini hifi, a TV set, a microwave oven, a fax machine, two 5-ply space woks, a 5-ply pan-aroma and two travel coupons etc.

8. The 330,000th & 600,000th Lucky Visitors

The 330,000th and 600,000th visitors of the 33rd HKPE came out on December 31, 1998 and January 6, 1999 respectively. CMA Executive Committee Member Mr Choi Hin To and General Committee Member Mr Edward Wong presented a noble mattress sponsored by Airland Enterprise Co. Ltd. to the 330,000th lucky visitor. Another lucky visitor received a valuable pearl ring from CMA President Mr Herbert Liang.


  CMA President Mr Herbert Liang (3rd from left)
presented a valuable pearl ring to the 600,000th
lucky visitor of the 33rd HKPE Mrs Yu (centre).

9. Souvenir Cover and Commemorative Talk Talk Card

In commemoration the 60th anniversary of the Expo, CMA issued a souvenir cover with a special postmark bearing an indication of the event. Only 2,000 covers were issued for the event. Those souvenir covers, priced at HK$10, were all sold out during the Expo. At the same time, CMA and New World Telephone Limited (NWT) jointly launched a special limited edition of "60 Glorious Years of The Expo" Commemorative Talk Talk Card Set. The whole set contained two telephone cards, Talk Talk Cards, matched with card jackets. A total of 15,000 talk talk cards were issued and each was selling at HK$100. Historical photos of the past Expos were also printed on each card to rekindle memories of the golden old days.

The 60th Anniversary of Hong Kong Products Expo Souvenir Cover (left), Discount Coupon (middle) and Commemorative Talk Talk Card Set (right) of the 33rd HKPE.